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Houston High Faculty and Staff

John Taylor
Mr. John Taylor began his career in education in 1992 as a History teacher at East High School. While at East, he coached football and baseball. After teaching at East for three years, he accepted a history teaching position at Houston, teaching both standard and AP classes. While at Houston he has coached football, wrestling, and softball. Mr. Taylor has been an Assistant Principal since 2004 and began his tenure as principal in 2018.
Mr. Taylor’s educational background includes a Bachelors of History from Rhodes College and a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University. He is married to Marje, a Special Education Teacher for Bartlett City Schools and has two children, Matthew (Class of 2015) and Charlotte (Class of 2018).
 William Gillespie
William Gillespie
Vice Principal 
Mr. Gillespie is no stranger to HHS or its teachers. With over 25 years of experience in high school education, he brings expertise in instructional leadership, testing coordination, and curriculum supervision to the HHS administration team.
Mr. Gillespie attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and earned his B.A. in English Literature before completing his M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction in 1996. He additionally holds an EdS in Educational Administration from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
Shannon Blackburn
Assistant Principal- 9th Grade, Attendance, Testing
Ms. Blackburn serves as an assistant principal with a focus on assisting teachers' development of instruction and organizational expertise which she fine-tuned in Kentucky’s Fayette County Schools as a school administrator.  She brings a wealth of leadership experience and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri.  
Ms. Blackburn comes with over 15 years of experience in education and has served in various leadership roles, including District-level Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, and most recently, Principal of Ashland Elementary School in Lexington.  In her many roles, Ms. Blackburn is foremost an instructional leader, well-versed in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to meet the needs of all students as well as identifying interventions to support their individualized learning.
Miller bio
April Miller
Assistant Principal- 

Mrs. Miller brings fifteen years of educational experience to the job. After spending a decade serving as a school counselor in Clarksville, Tennessee, she transitioned to serving in administrative roles in both Memphis and Nashville during the past five years.  
Miller holds her Ed.S in Instructional Leadership from Austin Peay State University, a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Counseling and Personnel.  Currently, she serves as an adjunct professor in Human Performances at Southwest Tennessee Community College teaching others effective counseling techniques.
In 2017, she published a book about the impact of non-academic factors on ACT scores, a long research project connecting her school counselor roots to her current role as a change-maker in administration.  Miller has guided graduation teams of teachers, coaches, and school counselors around the work of improving graduation rates, Naviance, ACT Prep, and Ready Graduate metrics.
Her husband, Scott Miller, is an exceptional education teacher in Bartlett Schools and she is a mother to three children.  In her spare time, she is a devoted member of her church and enjoys singing.
Paul Ross
Assistant Principal- 11th Grade Discipline, parking/traffic, textbooks
Mr. Ross joined Houston High School as an Assistant Principal after serving as the Principal of North Pontotoc Middle School in Mississippi. Prior to serving as Principal, Mr. Ross served 3 years as an Assistant Principal at Oxford High School and 9 years as a history teacher at White Station High School. Mr. Ross completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri- St. Louis with a degree in Secondary Education/Political Science and his graduate studies at Trevecca Nazarene University with a degree in Educational Leadership. He and his beautiful wife, Jerica, are the parents to three kids (River, Canyon, Meadow). In his down time, he enjoys the outdoors, great music, good 'Que, and making memories with his 3 children.
Dr. Thomas Suchman
Assistant Principal- 10th/ 12th grade Discipline, 504 Coordinator, buses, and lockers

Dr. Suchman left the Kansas City area (Lees Summit, MO) to attend Rhodes College and stayed in Memphis.

Graduating with a teaching license and a degree in English, Dr. Suchman was thrilled to start teaching at HHS early in his career. 

Determined to never stop learning, Suchman completed a masters degree in education at Cumberland University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy at Vanderbilt University.

When not teaching, Dr. Suchman enjoys reading, growing his record collection, studying cinema, playing with his dogs, swimming and cycling. He is also an avid fan of punk rock and spent years playing, touring, and recording with different bands.

Marvin Townsend
Assistant Principal- 

Townsend began his career as a social studies teacher in 1993; with highly impactful positions at Highland Oaks K-8, Southwind Middle School, and Bartlett High School.  At Bartlett High, he served as an Assistant Principal for three years before being recruited to serve on the Shelby County School’s [Legacy] PIT Crew, a district-level position that worked one-on-one with teachers and principals to improve instruction across the county.  After the merger-demerger, Townsend accepted a job as an Assistant Principal of Germantown High School (GHS) and then eventually the Vice Principal.  By 2019, he had been promoted to the Senior Principalship of GHS.
He has two children, both adopted, that attend Germantown Municipal Schools.  Issac, a fourth grader at Riverdale School and Oscar, a sophomore at Houston High School remain at the center of his decision as well as his spare time.  Townsend enjoys being outdoors, especially time out on the boat at the lake with his children and family.
  Clerical - Attendance Clerk  
Comas, Maria Clerical - Financial Secretary [email protected]
Griffith, Teresa Clerical - SPED Secretary [email protected]
Jackson, Tamika Clerical - Visitors, Raptor, Medical [email protected]
  Clerical - Guidance, Records  
McGriff, Elizabeth Clerical - Cash Balances, Transcripts [email protected]
  Clerical - Attendance  
Thompson, Natalie Clerical - Payroll, Substitutes [email protected]
Becker, Chad Athletic Director [email protected]
Espinoza, Manuel Plant Manager [email protected]
Jones, Earvin Plant Manager [email protected]
Spain, Traci SEL [email protected]
Waldrup, Celeste School Nurse [email protected]
Manuel, Robert TV Media Engineer [email protected]
Nutt, Tyler TV Program Director [email protected]
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Dienye, Joe School Technology Support [email protected]
Talley, Ellie Instructional Technology Coach [email protected]
Tingle, Lorrie Alternative School Instructor [email protected]
Diroff, Suzy Alt School Assistant  
Fisher, Denise Counseling - Intervention [email protected] Office: 901-756-2370 x 6042
Haddow, Dan Counseling/Instructional/Leadership Support [email protected]  
  Counseling - 10th   Office: 901-756-2370 x 6046
Kinney, Brenda Counseling - 12th [email protected] Office: 901-756-2370 x 6044
Kreitz, Ashley
Postsecondary Readiness
[email protected]  
Riggan, Linda Counseling - 11th [email protected] Office: 901-756-2370 x 6043
Schmitt, Sara
Postsecondary Readiness
[email protected] Office: 901-756-2370 x 6019
Skaggs, Emily School Psychologist [email protected]  
Wells, Lana Counseling - 9th [email protected] Office: 901-756-2370 x 6045
Underwood, Clint [email protected]
Wilder, Ruth [email protected]
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Alsbrook, Beth [email protected]
Bell, Steve [email protected]
Boggan, Cristy [email protected]
Boyer, Tim [email protected]
Forrester, Randy [email protected]
Houston, Bill [email protected]
Juneau, Craig [email protected]
Phillips, Christa [email protected]
Rose, Gretchen [email protected]
Thomas, Monica [email protected]
Uhiren, Chad [email protected]
Wartenberg, Gerry [email protected]
Becker, Chad [email protected]
Brookshire, Courtney [email protected]
Chandler, NaToya [email protected]
Condra, Sarah [email protected]
Cox, Andrea [email protected]
Holden, Meredith [email protected]
Hunter, Ginny [email protected]
McKinney, Valerie [email protected]
Middlekauff, Jason [email protected]
Ransom, Grant [email protected]
Sarpy, Abby [email protected]
Vezina, Zeke [email protected]
Griffith, Teresa Clerical - SPED Secretary [email protected]
Browley, Bryan   [email protected]
Coltharp, Ginny   [email protected]
Little, Hillary   [email protected]
Nannie, David   [email protected]
Sadler, Caroline   [email protected]
Stephenson, Nancy   [email protected]
Thomas, Haley   [email protected]
Wiley, Katrina   [email protected]
Anderson, Elizabeth SPED Educational Assistant  
Cole, Andrea SPED Educational Assistant  
Gwyn, Angela SPED Educational Assistant  
Houck, Kim SPED Educational Assistant  
Houston, Kisha SPED Educational Assistant  
Humphrey, Kitten SPED Educational Assistant  
Luckett, Becky SPED Educational Assistant  
Maxwell, Sonya SPED Educational Assistant  
McElhenny, Tiffany SPED Educational Assistant  
McKessey, Melissa SPED Educational Assistant  
Nichols, Sierra SPED Educational Assistant  
Pounders, Robert SPED Educational Assistant  
Saylor, Cody SPED Educational Assistant  
Thompson, Shea SPED Educational Assistant  
Williams, Treville SPED Educational Assistant  
Watkins, Courtney Transitional Case Manager [email protected]
Nobert, O'Malley Work Based Learning/Transition [email protected]
Smith, Shelby Workplace Readiness Job Coach [email protected]
Jessop, Kimberly Part-time Physical Therapist [email protected]
Christie, Kell [email protected]
Hagan, John [email protected]
Hamilton, Drew [email protected]
Healy, Kinsey [email protected]
Kang, Long Long [email protected]
Schulter, Amanda [email protected]
Spillman, Bobby [email protected]
Taylor, Matt [email protected]
Ferryman, Kristin kristin.f[email protected]
Johnson, Marilyn [email protected]
Latvatalo, Piia [email protected]
Purcell, Erin [email protected]
Riley, Katie [email protected]
Simone, Abigail [email protected]
Stewardson, Betsy [email protected]
Penrod, Doreen [email protected]
Puri, Sunita  [email protected]
Abel, Shawn [email protected]
Bansal, Sarita [email protected]
Collins, Ashton [email protected]
Field, Brian [email protected]
Flexsenhar, Betsy [email protected]
Gaylord, Kevin [email protected]
Harvey, Wayne [email protected]
Ku (Lee), Seulah [email protected]
Ross, Jerica [email protected]
Smith, Jackie [email protected]
Stevens, Chris    [email protected]
Williamson, Bradley [email protected]
Freeman, Amanda RTI Coach [email protected]
Gilbert, Kelsey RTI Interventionist- Math Kelsey.g[email protected]
Chandler, NaToya RTI Interventionist- English [email protected]
Domek, Susan [email protected]
Ducey, Melissa [email protected]
Kennon, John [email protected]
Marcone, Stacy [email protected]
Minton, Jessica [email protected]
Perry, Bill [email protected]
Poole, Martha [email protected]
Smith, Miriah [email protected]
Wakefield, Josh [email protected]
Whaley, Angela [email protected]
Yale, Tori [email protected]
Benzing, Tony [email protected]
Brock, Nathan [email protected]
Chrestman, Nicole [email protected]
Hamlett, Scott [email protected]
Lubin, Brooke [email protected]
Morris, Tim [email protected]
Plaisance, Candace [email protected]
Quinn, Ryan [email protected]
Robinson, Michael [email protected]
Seboldt, Erin [email protected]
Wolff, David [email protected]
Martin, Kim [email protected]
McCarter, Lane [email protected]
Thomas, James [email protected]
Pendleton, Becky [email protected]