$2,022 in two minutes--Houston High raises money to support St.Jude

Article By Student Reporter Zora Cunningham
Today at Houston High School, the students and teachers participated in a thrilling fundraising event for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
The challenge was simple: raise $2,022 in two minutes. Everyone knew they had to bring $2; however, no one knew when the announcement would come asking for the class donations.
At 8:33 A.M, the intercom came on, and every class sent down their fastest runner with an envelope filled with their contributions to make the quick deadline. Once the administration totaled the money, it was clear that the event was a complete success.
The school raised over $3,000 for the hospital, and the students won something special of their own. Because they met their goal, Houston High School Coach Brock agreed to shave his beard at the upcoming pep rally on Friday. What a fantastic way to encourage giving back!