Congratulations to Houston High School students Eric Xie and Collin Brook

Student Reporter: Sarah D'Souza
Congratulations to Houston High school students, Eric Xie, Kyfong Dai, and Collin Brook, for attending the NAFME (National Association for Music Education) this November. Competing against kids across the country, Eric, Kyfong, and Collin were able to obtain spots in this selective program. It is an honor to have three very talented and esteemed musicians from GMSD attend this conference. 
Eric explains, “It was a different experience being able to work with so many musicians from around the country at different levels” Starting at the regional level, Eric, Kyfong, and Collin ranked high chairs in ensembles, moving to the state level, and then eventually the national level. 
Collin takes part in the Houston High choir, performing regularly at a multitude of concerts. Kyfong and Eric also perform, playing the Bass and Trumpet in the Houston Orchestra and Band. Congratulations once again, to Eric, Kyfon, and Collin for advancing to the national level in their musicianship.