Houston High School’s Literary Magazine Receives a Superior Rating

The 2022 Houston High School Literary Magazine is being recognized across the state as one of the best. Avatar:  Foundations received a rating of Superior in the 2022 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) program. Houston is now the second highest rated magazine in Tennessee, second only to Belmont University, making it the highest rated high school magazine in the state. 

The students who worked on the award winning magazine last year, were overjoyed to see their hard work be recognized. The magazine was designed, edited, and completed by a team of only five students. Senior Victoria Pastor shared that the group was tight-knit, and they always worked hard and had fun together while creating this work. Pastor said, “We worked really hard, but we were all very passionate about it. We all really liked writing, or editing, or some combination of those. We all wanted it to be the very best it could be.” 

She also shared that the goal of the magazine was to highlight students’ work and to encourage people to continue pursuing their art, while also creating bonds between students who may not realize that there is a writing community within Houston High School. “It helps to foster connections…and getting an award for what we’ve worked so hard on was very validating.”

Congratulations to these students who work so hard to create this beautiful Literary Magazine! 

To support the Literary Magazine, visit their Spring Revival Open Mic Night on Wednesday, March 8th at 6pm in the Houston High School Traverse Library for a fun-filled night with spring themed artwork, poetry, and music. $5 cash at the door. Refreshments will be provided. Check out their Instagram @thehhsavatar, and reach out to them there about how to audition your piece for the open mic night.