HHS STEM students shine bright at Christian Brothers University competition

Last week, the STEM students of Houston High School (HHS) showcased their innovation at the highly anticipated Christian Brothers University STEM competition. The Houston Mustangs secured three victories.


Among the remarkable accomplishments, HHS claimed the top spot in the Geo Wall Competition. But what exactly is a Geo Wall? It's a challenging competition that tasks teams with designing and constructing a small-scale retaining wall using only geotechnical engineering principles. This requires students to apply their knowledge of soil mechanics, structural engineering, and construction techniques. The Houston Mustangs not only built an impressive Geo Wall but also demonstrated their expertise in this field, earning them the coveted first-place title.


In addition to their Geo Wall triumph, HHS also dominated the K'NEX Bridge competition, securing both first and second place. This competition demands exceptional creativity and engineering prowess as students design and build bridges using K'NEX construction sets.


Eva Fischer, one of the HHS competitors, shared her thoughts on the competition, saying, "The best thing about the day was getting to collaborate with my team; we really enjoyed exceeding the expectations of the competition."


But the achievements of the HHS STEM students didn't stop at the competition itself. The entire day was documented and shared on the Germantown Municipal School District's (GMSD) Instagram Page as part of a special student takeover series. This not only allowed the HHS community to witness the students' journey in real-time but also served as an inspiration to budding STEM enthusiasts everywhere.