Houston High School Junior Jack Boccher shares his plans to attend the Naval Academy

November 2023 - For many high school students, junior and senior year can be a busy and hectic time as they try to make plans for their next steps after graduation. For Jack Boccher, his plans have been set for quite some time. Jack has wanted to attend the Naval Academy since he first did a project on it in the fifth grade at Dogwood Elementary, and he has stuck to those plans. 

In fifth grade at Dogwood, Jack did his career project on being a Naval fighter pilot, and ever since then he has wanted to pursue a career where he can serve his country. He says, “I’ve wanted to go to the Naval Academy because I’ve always wanted to serve and give back to this country coming out of college. The Naval Academy has so many educational opportunities, but it also provides the unique experience of being able to serve and protect our country as well.” 

As a junior this year, Jack shared that he has already visited the Naval Academy four times, and he knew that it was the right place for his future. He loves the town of Annapolis and the history that comes with it. Visiting the campus was just a small step for Jack, but he says that he already knew before visiting that the Naval Academy was what he had set his heart on, saying, “Being on an aircraft carrier and traveling around the world…I feel like that allows me to help a broader range of people everywhere in all different countries.” 

Being inspired by those that he has met who have served, including some of his family members, Jack has also felt encouraged to pursue this goal of serving his country. He has pursued many leadership opportunities at Houston to prepare himself for the Naval Academy. Here is a full list of what Jack is involved with both at HHS and in the Germantown community: 

Houston High School Community Service Club President/Co-founder

Chemistry Club Officer

Houston High School Honors Academy Council Leader

Germantown Municipal School District Executive Ambassador Council Leader

Head of GMSD Ambassadors’ Committee for Athletics

HHS German Club Officer

Lobos Rush Goalkeeper Coach

Premier Level Goalkeeper Training Coach

German Honors Society Member

Beta Club Member

Student Government Class Representative Freshman Year

Orchestra Secretary Sophomore Year

Meal Planning/Nutrition Club

German Fair 2022 First Place

German NGE Gold Medalist

Jack is thankful for the support from his family, and he is hopeful to attend the Naval Academy and have a truly immersive experience that is different from a civilian university. He hopes to gain more insight into strong leadership, perseverance, and teamwork as he moves forward in his education and the opportunity to serve his country.