What could the Houston High School Master Plan mean for academic programming in the future?

The blueprint for Houston High School's future is taking shape, and with it comes a burst of excitement from Ethan Constant, the school's Instructional and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Supervisor. Constant's insights into the school's master plan reveal an anticipation for transformation across various domains.


At the forefront of these changes is the school's physical evolution into a cohesive campus, offering a safe and unified learning environment. This new layout is not merely about aesthetic enhancement but also about the creation of a campus-like atmosphere that prioritizes safety and learning. "It's going to feel more like a campus than a building," Constant says.


A critical advantage of the master plan is the additional space for academic programs. The proposed science hallway with cutting-edge labs is set to revolutionize how students experience hands-on learning in STEM fields. "The quality improves," Constant emphasizes, looking forward to an environment free from current space constraints.


Constant is particularly enthusiastic about the planned CTE hub. This dedicated space will centralize CTE programs, bolstering recruitment and enhancing the quality of student projects and outcomes. He envisions new facilities like a creative maker space and a print shop, where students can turn their ideas into tangible products. Furthermore, the inclusion of a business center will allow for an experiential learning approach, where students can run a business as part of their curriculum. The Health Science classrooms will also receive upgraded lab spaces as well.


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