Bring your goggles and your curiosity—Houston High's ACS Chem Club is the perfect place to explore exciting reactions in chemistry

At Houston High School, the American Chemistry Society (ACS) Chem Club is making waves with its special Saturday lab sessions. These aren't your ordinary chemistry classes; they're a series of fun, educational experiments conducted on select Saturdays that invite students to dive deep into the fascinating world of chemistry.


These optional Saturday labs are led by the enthusiastic student leaders and under the guidance of teachers John Kenneth Kennon and Stacy Marcone, providing an enriched learning environment that extends beyond the standard curriculum.


One of the key experiments explored during the last Saturday session was titration, a technique central to chemistry that involves adding a solution of known concentration to a solution of unknown concentration. The goal? To determine the concentration of the unknown solution accurately. It’s like solving a mystery where the clues are chemical reactions!


As the titrant (known solution) is added drop by drop, students watch for the reaction’s endpoint, signaled by a color change due to an indicator like phenolphthalein. This method is not only fundamental in academic labs, but is also critical in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and environmental science.


The joy of discovery was palpable, with every correct titration bringing students one step closer to mastering this essential scientific technique. "Beyond the serious science, we shared plenty of laughs and celebrated the day’s successes with rewards for outstanding work," said Mr. Kennon, who awarded those with the most accurate results with Chick-fil-A gift cards.


If you’re curious about chemistry or just looking for a fun and engaging way to enhance your science skills, the ACS Chem Club is always recruiting. For more details, visit the club on the Houston High School clubs website or reach out to Mr. Kennon.