Two special scholarships awarded to graduating seniors Amelia Summy and Aida Xue

We are thrilled to announce two special scholarship winners this year. Amelia Summy has won the Harla Johnson Scholarship, presented by the Houston High School PTSO, to support a graduating senior pursuing a career in education. What a meaningful initiative to grow our own teachers! Amelia is a fantastic choice—intelligent, creative, and kind. Additionally, a scholarship honoring the legacy of beloved teacher John Traverse has been awarded to Aida Xue.  Aida is a National Merit Finalist who has excelled in many areas in her years at Houston High School. Mr. Traverse's family, including his wife Kathy and daughter Anna, contribute to this scholarship, celebrating a senior who embodies his intellectual curiosity and tenacity.


What makes these scholarships particularly special is that they are both sourced and awarded from the school and its PTO, demonstrating the deep sense of community and support within GMSD.