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Like building robots or constructing a figure out of cans? Maybe taking the high road and enrolling in a few extra AP Classes? Or Letting your artistic talents shine by drawing a masterpiece? Possibly even developing leadership skills through community involvement?
Whatever your nice is, Houston High School has a place for you! Besides academics, we encourage students to engage in an environment where they are challenged to succeed in many facets. Studies show that students who are actively involved in their school and community through extra-curricular activities: 
  • Perform better in the classroom
  • Become more well-rounded individuals
  • Land jobs and internships
  • Earn admission and scholarships to prestigious universities at higher rates
At Houston High School, we understand and value the diversity of a large student body. Even the College Board advises getting involved! Houston High School has countless clubs and activities where all students can participate and grow. The average Houston student is involved in two clubs or activities. Don't worry if you come across more than one that interests you! 
Click on the clubhouse below and see how Houston High School has a place for you!
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Some clubs meet during the school day once a month with a special schedule. Other clubs meet before and after school.
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