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The academic programs at Houston are designed to help students determine what career path they might like to pursue upon graduation. Students at Houston choose a 4-year pathway, which can be changed as they continue their high school journey. These 4 year pathways encourage students to actively think about what most interests them both in their academic career, as well as extra-curricular activities and how those two things can come together to form a career. 
Houston offers 28 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 17 Dual Enrollment (DE) courses. Students are easily able to earn college credit while at Houston through partnerships with Southwest Community College, the University of Tennessee at Martin, and the University of Memphis. 
At Houston High School, Career & Technical Education courses is a huge part of what is taught at Houston. These courses impart technical knowledge while also encouraging essential soft skills for future careers. These classes teach vital aspects of a students education, including teamwork and creative thinking. Students are encouraged to work together and problem solve in CTE courses, which best emphasizes the skills that employers value most. 
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