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Check In / Check Out  for non-driving students:
Parent required to check student in & out of school in the Attendance Office.
Student may check in alone with a valid Doctor’s note.
Parent must show a picture ID when checking a student out.
Check in for students who drive:
Student must have a doctor’s note, or a note or email from a parent.
Doctor appointments are unexcused until a doctor’s note is turned in to the Attendance office.
Check Out for students who drive:
Parent must email or send a note to the Attendance Office before student checks out.
Doctor appointments are unexcused until a doctor’s note is turned in to the Attendance office.
General Attendance Tips that apply to ALL students:
2:15 PM is the cutoff time for checkouts.
Submit notes for being absent within 5 days of absence to the Attendance Office or absence will be unexcused.
Parent may drop off forgotten items in the Attendance Office. Students have been told & are aware of the drop off area and will not be called out of class to pick up dropped off items.
Student must sign in on clipboard in Nurse’s office and use the nurse’s phone when feeling ill or making calls home.
No fast food is to be brought in.
Absenteeism due to special circumstances must be pre-approved by an administrator.

List of Acceptable excused absences  GMSD Policy 6.200


Please note not all absences are excused and unlike elementary and middle school, high school absences are counted for each class period.


The following are typical reasons for checking in or out that are considered UNEXCUSED:

  • "Appointment" - this is not specific enough – please specify doctor, dentist, ortho, etc.
  • Family Emergency - same as above - not specific enough.  If you are having a problem, please contact the Attendance office or submit a note prior to absence.
  • Court - this is not always excused - if it is a custody or immigration issue, then it will be excused, but if your child received a speeding ticket or broke the law, unless he/she can prove absolution, it is unexcused. 
  • Out of Town – unless it is school related event or you have received prior approval, it is unexcused.
****Please plan ahead! **** If you are checking out your student, make plans for him/her to meet you in the main office between classes.  This will help keep us from interrupting class unnecessarily.