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Fine Arts

At Houston, there is a wide variety of fine arts for students to be a part of. In the theater department, students can explore writing, stage design, dance, directing, and acting. In 2023, the spring musical Chicago: Teen Edition, under the direction of theater teacher Kell Christie, won six different awards from the High School Musical Theater awards, including 2022-2023 HSMTA Best Overall Production. Our visual arts program has provided students with the opportunity to travel and study art across the country and create pieces that live all throughout Germantown and the city of Memphis. Students interested in choir can participate in multiple different sections of choir, including our a cappella group, Fifth Measure. Our orchestra program has traveled all over the world to showcase their unique talents, and they are led by Juilliard graduate Dr. Long Long Kang. The Houston band is known for its tradition of excellence, and they have won multiple awards and program recognitions throughout the state. This season, their marching show, Western Sky Sketches, was a fan favorite at each of the football games. 
Houston's fine arts programs are designed to teach responsibility, dedication, and most of all a strong sense of community. Many of our fine arts students will continue their careers at the collegiate and professional level, and Houston is so proud of the programs that students and teachers continue to build up.