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The John Traverse Library is dedicated to John Insley Traverse. Mr. Traverse served in the English department from 1999-2021, and his dedication to the students and staff and Houston left a profound impact. To continue Mr. Traverse's legacy, the Houston library provides students with an array of resources to expand their academic pursuits. Our librarians, Mrs. Wilder and Mr. Underwood are available to assist students in their research needs. The library also provides students and staff a quiet place to retreat to throughout the day. 
The library is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm, and extended hours are available by appointment. The John Traverse Library provides books for pleasure reading and for research, as well as several other resources. To view the library's full resources such as catalogs, databases, newspapers, and citation help, visit the website below. 
At Houston, many of our teachers have classroom library collections as well. To provide our students with the best resources possible, the classroom library collections can be found by following the link below.